Why buy live rock from Terra Sub Aqua?

You probably realize we are developing much needed new reef habitat with our business, and that's a great reason, but there's more to it, as seen in the photo below.

TSA has supplied live rock for several public aquaria, where threatened marine life is able to enjoy new protected habitat. Here the reef display was established from our operation in the summer of 2015, with the visible marine life arising over a couple year’s time from recruits already present on the rock at the Toledo Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio. Thanks to Jay Hemdal, general curator.


Controlling harmful algae:  Stressfully high water temperatures persist longer into the Fall in recent years, and nutrient mismanagement on the mainland adds to the problem. Besides stressing and bleaching the corals on the shallower reefs, the sandflats may be overrun with toxic algae blooms that discolor the normally light calcareous sand, similar to what you may see in an unbalanced aquarium. This harms the entire ecosystem.

This Blacktip* research drone photo shows the beneficial impact of the Terra Sub Aqua site beneath the boat on the left. The intense herbivore grazing we can observe while diving controlled the algae infestation. Similar effects are visible near the submerged inshore coral reef to the right, as the natural reef responds to the pollution threat. 

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